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5 Moculta Road,
Angaston, SA 5353

Angaston Primary School strives to create a learning environment that suits every child. A calm and positive culture throughout the school creates a space that allows children to feel comfortable and safe.
Approximately 320 students attend Angaston PS, with 12 classrooms accommodating these students. Our specialised subjects are Performing Arts, German (language), Physical Education & Health, Design & Technology and Humanities & Social Science HASS (for the JP students).

We work very hard to provide all students, regardless of academic ability, with the best possible support in the classroom. We provide many hours of SSO support in our classrooms to assist our classroom teachers and our students.

We have a strong flavour of Digital Technologies throughout the school. Students are able to access 95 ipads, 40 laptops and a computer suit. We have invested in a number of educational programs for students to access at school to support in their learning through this technology. The aim of the use of technology is to add ‘value to learning’.

Our picturesque and spacious grounds are a lovely environment to learn and play within. We have many playgrounds for students to choose from- and provide junior students with their own play areas to socialise within during play time.

The township of Angaston and the Valley is a very peaceful and relaxing area of the state. We are spoilt for choice with a number of good quality public schooling options. If you are moving to the area, or investigating options for primary education, please feel free to make contact with us at Angaston Primary School.

phone 08 8564 2215

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